Mobile Security Cameras

Introducing an innovative outdoor mobile security camera system that operates entirely off solar power, eliminating the need for any external power source. This cutting-edge system can be effortlessly installed in almost any location, utilising the sun’s energy along with a backup battery to ensure uninterrupted functionality.

Installation is a breeze, typically taking under an hour in most cases, offering a hassle-free setup process. The system offers the flexibility to choose between different camera configurations, providing a 120, 180, or 360-degree panoramic view, tailored to your specific monitoring needs.
Ideal for a wide range of applications including construction sites, building areas, residential and commercial properties, as well as event spaces, these cameras act as your silent security partners. What sets this system apart is its adaptability – it can be customised to suit your precise requirements, ensuring optimal coverage and performance in any setting.

Comprised of durable materials to prevent damage our security poles can be modified to adhere to the unique needs of our customers by including components including perimeter protection and smart motion detection.

Quick pick technology is available, allowing you to easily search for and pick out human and vehicle targets from event videos, prioritising the highest matches.


  • Public Space Monitoring
  • Guard free surveillance and Alerts
  • Entry gate Monitoring