"We have been using Nepean Regional Security for almost 10 years now, to patrol & monitor our Storage Facility. Gina is always pleasure to deal with and lets us know of any concerns straight away which is very important to me."
Joshua Vanderkroef
Assistant Manager, Storage King Penrith


What should you look for in a reputable security company?

All security companies MUST have a current master licence and current public liability insurance. The master licence can be checked via the NSW Police website – under Security/Capi licences. http://www.police.nsw.gov.au


YOU have the right and should ask your security provider for a copy of their master licence and their public liability insurance before allowing them to conduct any service for you. (In fact we highly recommend this!)


AS WELL as the company holding a master licence, EVERY security officer must hold a valid NSW Security licence. This is a photo licence that they are required to wear whilst on duty. You can check if this licence is valid via the NSW Police website – under Security/Capi licences. http://www.police.nsw.gov.au

Can an electrician install or service an alarm?

Just because they are a licensed electrician does not mean they are licensed to install or service an alarm system. They must have a Current Master licence. This can be checked via the NSW Police website – under Security/Capi licences. http://www.police.nsw.gov.au


It is also recommended that you check the personal experience of your installer to ensure that they are familiar with your type of security system.

What does mobile patrol service mean?

A mobile patrol is where a fully marked security vehicle attends your home or business to conduct a security service for you. Whilst on site, there are a number of different functions that they can conduct on your behalf, depending on your requirements. These services can include:

  • Lock up or unlock of your premise – securing external gates, doors, roller shutters etc, at site specific times
  • Random patrol – attend your premise at random (different) times each night. Can check doors, gates, windows, assets etc. Check for damage or graffiti or for people loitering around.
  • Staff Escort – Ensuring staff safety as they lock your business for the night and escorting them to their cars.  Do you have staff that leave your office late?  
What does back to base alarm monitoring mean?

Back to base alarm monitoring means that activations on your alarm system are monitored by the Control Room which the one that we use is Grade A1 rated – the highest Australian Standard.


Activations on your system include; the alarm is set off (ie someone has broken into your home), the power to the system has ceased (power outage or someone has cut the lines?), the battery back -up is used, or there is a fault with your system.


Depending on how you have requested your system to be set up, it can also include alerts when your alarm system has been turned off and you are not expecting it to be, or when it has not been turned on and it should be. These options are up to you and we are more than happy to discuss the advantages (or disadvantages) of these options.

What happens if my alarm is back to base monitored and the alarm is activated?

An alarm system is not a “one size fits all” approach and the response action is entirely up to you and your needs. It can be as basic as you getting a phone call from the control room advising you that your system is going off, right through to us sending a patrol car to check on your home or business.  Again, we will work through these options with you.

Do I get charged if a patrol car attends my home or business?

If we are required to attend your premise, an alarm response fee is charged. (again this will be discussed with you during the initial consultation and during your alarm set up)

Am I able to organise mobile patrols for a small time frame?

We understand that requirements change and you may only require our mobile patrol services for a special reason (perhaps – going on holidays, building or extending your property, additional assets on site?) Once some paperwork is complete, you become part of the NRS family, and we are happy to help you with all your security needs, no matter how big or small.