Gina Field – Local trailblazer

Gina Field: local trailblazer in a male-dominated field

Published in Nepean News. 22 January 2021. Issue 295

Gina Field is a shining example of a woman determined to break down gender barriers and not only be successful, but to become one of the best in a male-dominated industry.

With her business, Penrith-based Nepean Regional Security celebrating its 23rd year, Gina has certainly surpassed those goals.

From its humble beginnings 23 years ago as a homebased business with just one employee, Nepean Regional Security is now one of the most recognised and awarded security companies in the state.

Now employing 49 FTE personnel, Nepean Regional Security is one of Penrith’s greatest success stories, with Gina being an absolute trailblazer in the small business space.

The company, and Gina personally, have won well over 30 industry awards, including an International business award, NSW Business Woman of the Year, Australian small business Champion awards and Australia Day award recognition. Gina has featured on TV business programs, radio, newspapers, magazines and is a regular column writer for Nepean News, aptly called the “G Spot.”

Those who have met Gina would know her to be a determined and switched-on straight talker. She’s a great public speaker at any event; sharing many great yarns from personal experience that keep the audiences enthralled. Gina is also a great business mentor, who always goes out of her way to support other local businesses.

“I am extremely thankful to the customers and corporations that have supported us through this journey of growth over the years,” Gina said.

“I appreciate them each day and I am extremely thankful that people believe in NRS enough to trust us with their most prized processions; their homes and businesses.

“It has been a long hard road, I wont deny that and running a business is tough. We have endured what most would allow to cripple them, and rose up to be stronger and more resilient than ever.

“We have a strong and loyal team here at NRS and as an employer I couldn’t be prouder of that”

Gina said NRS customers often become like family. That’s the kind of relationship that can only develop from a happy partnership and great customer service.

Entrusted with many major contracts across the region, including Western Sydney Airport, Western Sydney Aerotropolis, Western Sydney Parkland and Parramatta Parklands Trust ( Fernhill Estate), NRS, like almost all local businesses took a hit in 2020.

“We struggled a little with the COVID pandemic and the cancellation of events, however our innovative approach to the business allowed us to grow and employ more people, during such a unprecedented time,” Gina said.

And it is precisely that ability of Gina’s to think outside the square, reinvent, reshape and bounce back from challenging situations, that has been the foundation for the amazing success of Nepean Regional Security.

Well done Gina!