Nepean News Easter article with Gina Field

“Left of Field” article on Nepean News with Gina Field, Nepean Regional Security

To me, Easter is almost like the calling of the wild for boneheads. Let’s cram 75 people into a car, hit the carpark called the M1 for 15 hours, and go to an Airbnb for the long weekend for what they consider a relaxing holiday. The Airbnb only has 4 bedrooms but hey, they make it work; sleeping with Aunt Myrtle isn’t so bad for three nights is it? Look at the bright side, with that many family members it works out to be about $7.25 per night, who cares if you need to wait 45 minutes for the toilet and shower, this what family do 🙄.

   Not to forget the snotty kids in the back seat, two dogs licking the windows, and a set of divorcees that really hate each other. Little miss has 45 bags of clothes because she doesn’t know what to wear to a beach house. Dad always drives past 10 petrol stations because according to his records, the one in the back of whoop whoop is 2 cents cheaper and he will save a whole 12 cents there.

  The car tyres are sitting at 27 PSI because of the weight, and the aircon has to be left off, on a 43 degree day or the car won’t get up the hills on the motorway.

  Once at the “relaxing site” you then process the eating patterns of the family, (yep it is probably easier to organize the robbing of the Reserve Bank, but hey it’s family and love them right?) So you the vegans, the vegetarians, the carnivores, the fasters, the dieters and of course the
we are not sharing the hotplate when you have cooked meat on it” people and so on and so forth.

   They arrived at 4 PM and by 6 PM, 15 family members are punching on over the kitchen rules and the eating habits, which then means 7 people are no longer talking to each other and the silent treatments have begun. (Great holiday!). Eventually, the BBQ ends up in the water, and they all fend for themselves.

   Then the sleeping patterns start, okay Mum and Dad in the backroom, and the 4 AM pilates meditating special in the front room.

   The two beautiful kids kick a soccer ball straight through a window and the $7.25 nightly fee has just grown to $3075 – for the non-refundable bond.

   After the most rewarding 2 days, 1 hour and 27 seconds, but who’s counting, they all pile back into the car and head back to rejoin life as they know it. And there you have it, the bonehead Easter getaway. I am guessing they can’t wait to do it all next year!